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When you’re putting together your wedding look, take some time to check out the latest trends at Ivry Lane in Brownsburg, IN. At our premier boutique, you can see and feel the fabrics, which is key to making the best decision. We offer a large collection of tuxedos, whether you’re looking for a fun and funky style or something traditional. We’ll help you put together your finest look at an affordable price. We have the type of impeccable customer service that makes customers love returning for more, and we pride ourselves on being a cut above the rest.

Whether your groomsmen live in town or somewhere else, Ivry Lane is the ideal destination for quality wedding tuxes.

Bridesmaid Dress Color

The old saying goes, “the bride doesn’t get all the attention on her wedding day,” and it’s true. Your guests will be paying close attention to your appearance, style, and personal neatness. Following these tips will help you measure up for your big night.

Standard Tuxedo Styles

A variety of cuts and details make a suit hang perfectly. This means you have to know your body type to dress accordingly. Many men with a slim or slender physique will be more comfortable wearing a suit that fits like a glove. However, if you are on the muscular side, it is important to ensure that your suit looks sharp but doesn’t look as if it is about to burst at the seams.

  • Traditional Fit Tux

A classic full-length suit for men that offers a more sophisticated look. Try a variety of jackets on with your fiancée to see what you prefer.

  • Modern Fit Tux

This is a more fashion-forward choice and provides a sleek silhouette. Its shorter jacket, slimmer lapels, and fitted body create a refined look that will help you stand out.


  • Slim Fit Tux

This style is the shortest jacket. It is the narrowest on the body and has the smallest lapels.


Perfecting The Details


  • Your Hem

Ideally, to ensure you have the correct fit, your pants should rest at the top of your laces.


  • Your Jacket

If it pulls open at the front when you move your arms, it’s too tight. Take 3-way mirror shots or have your groomsmen take some for you to get the most accurate view.


  • Your Collar

A collar with the correct size should rest comfortably around your neck with no gaps, bulges, or bunching. Whether you’ll be buttoning your shirt during the day or unbuttoning it at night, it’s important to have options for both professional and social settings.


  • Your Sleeves

Hem your sleeves to just under the wrist bone, which will accommodate a half-inch of your shirt sleeve to be visible. This will also allow you to show off your unique customized cufflinks.


  • Your Pants

If you are looking to wear pants with a slimming look, avoid pleated pants and choose flat-front pants instead.


  • Your Shoulders

A well-fitting jacket will give your shoulders a perfect hug. Shoulder pads that extend past your deltoids mean the jacket is too big.


  • Your Socks

Sprucing up your ensemble with some flashy socks is the perfect complement to your formal attire.


Thinking about how you want to be portrayed in your wedding photos will help you decide. Bring a few of your guy friends along to the store with you so you can get their helpful feedback as you try on a variety of pieces. Take the time to make sure you are making the right decision.

Tuxedo Rental Made Easy at Ivry Lane


Here at Ivry Lane in Brownsburg, IN, we make it easy to find the perfect tux for your wedding day or another special event. We have a wide collection of premier tuxes for rent. Our talented and experienced staff will help you find a tuxedo that suits you perfectly. It’s our mission to make sure that you leave happy and looking great. Visit our website to schedule an appointment or call our boutique at (317)350-2197.

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